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Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Introduction
  3. The well-being training system
    1. Socialization
    2. Handling
    3. Bite Inhibition
    4. Prevention
      1. Relationship -nothing in life is free
      2. Separation Anxiety
      3. Resource Guarding
      4. Exercise & play
  4. Common Behavior Problems
    1. House Training
      1. Crate training
    2. Chewing
    3. Over barking
    4. Jumping on people
  5. Appendix A - My dog loves
  6. Appendix B - Socialization Table
  7. Appendix C - Sample training week with a new puppy

The Puppy Well-Being Training System

Appendix B: Socialization table

The more positive experiences your puppy will have with humans, animals, objects, and noises, the less fearful he will be and the more stable his personality will be. Add a reward to any new encounter in the first few months of your dog’s life. Pay special attention to socialize puppies to babies and small children.

New experience/ dog’s age

8-9 weeks

10-11 weeks

12-13 weeks

13-14 weeks

15-16 weeks

4-5 months

6-7 months

Large men








Men with beards








Construction workers








Men with sunglasses
























Individuals with disabilities
















Small animals








Large dogs








Other puppies
















Other farm animals








Postal worker
















Bicycle, skateboards








Kids riding bicycles








Small kids
















Crying baby








Luggage, crates, toys








Rain, thunder, lightning 
















Vacuum cleaner








Washing machine


























































































































































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