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New Video: Combining cues. Can your dog learn to wait for more than one cue? 


Featured book

Behavior Adjustment Training 2.0. By Grisha Stewart.

A great book for dealing with fear and aggression.



Welcome to the world of clicker training.

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In the Video Section:

Clicker Training for Attention


Transferring the Cuee


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Online Book for Free!

The Puppy Well Being Training System

Over 50 pages of all you need to know in order to start training your puppy today. From house training through preventing behavior problems and more.

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New scientific paper in 2017:

The effects of using aversive training methods in dogs—A review

This paper discusses the unwanted side-effects of using aversion in dog trainers. You can also find this paper here. The paper reviews 17 studies that directly compared dog training methods - reward based or aversion based.


















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